The story of Baan Kun Ya began with a boy who had fond memories growing up in his Grandma’s house. His childhood was filled with unforgettable moments of him accompanying Grandma in the kitchen and learning how to use herbs and spices to create wonderfully tasty dishes. And what he loved the most was seeing the smiles on his family’s faces as they gather around the dining table, enjoying the food he prepared.

As time passes, Grandma is no longer with him. But his enthusiasm to spread happiness through cooking never goes away. So, he kept on improving himself and joined numerous cooking competitions, winning awards after awards. He was soon well-known and others began to invite him as a food consultant for their restaurants.

It was through a chance encounter one day that he managed to personally cook for a friend who visited him at home. This friend, who turned out to be the founder of Thai Odyssey, fell in love with his cooking and made a surprising offer to collaborate on opening a restaurant in Malaysia so that more people can enjoy his amazing creations. Hence, the birth of Baan Kun Ya, meaning “Grandma’s House”, named to commemorate Grandma’s authentic recipes and her unflagging passion in cooking.

Today, he continues to serve Thai comfort food infused with bursts of genuine flavours and has already expanded his cooking to more locations, starting with a Thai Odyssey Café in KLCC, so that more people can discover the joy of Thai cuisine that is done as authentic as it is heartwarming.

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